Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Flame Studio Guitars/Basses

Here's a VERY cool collection of acoustic and electric guitars and basses plus a banjo thrown in as well.  The collection was done by Flame Studios.  While it does come in SoundFont format, I had issues bringing these directly into the Kronos, so I used the Giga version and did the conversion using Translator 6.0.  I had to break the collection in two with all the electric guitars in the first collection, while the acoustics, basses and banjo fill out the second.

The first collection contains a Fender Jaguar, Fender Telecaster, and Gibson Les Paul all of which were sampled at three velocities plus a mute layer.  The Telecaster and Les Paul contain both pickups individually and in combination.  There are no loops and each note is sampled.  The guitars were sampled direct (DI) and through a Fender Reverb amplifier.  In most cases, SW#1 turns on/off the muted strings.  SW#2 often adds a light chorus effect.  Using VMT on the Kronos, the collection requires 105MB of free RAM.

|Patch Name              |Patch Type |Patch ID   |
|FS Fender Jaguar Amped  |Program    |U-G000     |
|FS Fender Jaguar Amped 2|Program    |U-G001     |
|FS Fender Jaguar DI     |Program    |U-G002     |
|FS Fender Jaguar FR Amp |Program    |U-G003     |
|FS Fender Jaguar FR Amp2|Program    |U-G004     |
|FS Fender Tele DI+Amp   |Program    |U-G005     |
|FS Fender Tele Bridge   |Program    |U-G006     |
|FS Fender Tele Neck     |Program    |U-G007     |
|FS Fender Tele DI+Amp   |Program    |U-G008     |
|FS Fender Tele 60s      |Program    |U-G009     |
|FS Gibson LesPaul Both  |Program    |U-G010     |
|FS Gibson LesPaul Neck  |Program    |U-G011     |
|FS Gibson LesPaul Bridge|Program    |U-G012     |
|FS Gibson LP BR Amped   |Program    |U-G013     |
|FS Gibson LP NK Amped   |Program    |U-G014     |
|FS Gibson LP NK Amped 2 |Program    |U-G015     |
|FS Gibson LP BR Amped 2 |Program    |U-G016     |
|FS Gibson LesPaul Dist  |Program    |U-G017     |
|FS Gibson LesPaul Dist 2|Program    |U-G018     |
|FS Gibson LesPaul Dist 3|Program    |U-G019     |


This collection includes some nicely sampled Ibanez and Seagull steel string guitars, as well as Ibanez and Yamaha electric basses.  In addition, a Washburn acoustic bass guitar and Kay 5-string banjo are included.  With the guitars, again SW#1 typically turns on/off muted strings.  Using VMT on the Kronos, the collection requires 73MB of free RAM.

|Patch Name              |Patch Type |Patch ID   |
|FS Ibanez Acoustic Gtr  |Program    |U-G000     |
|FS Ibanez Ac. FenderAmp |Program    |U-G001     |
|FS Ibanez Muted 5ths Gtr|Program    |U-G002     |
|FS Ibanez Muted5ths Gtr2|Program    |U-G003     |
|FS Ibanez Blues Acoustic|Program    |U-G004     |
|FS Ibanez Slaps/Slides  |Program    |U-G005     |
|FS Seagull Acoustic Gtr |Program    |U-G006     |
|FS Seagull Ac. FenderAmp|Program    |U-G007     |
|FS Seagull Muted5ths Gtr|Program    |U-G008     |
|FS Seagull Muted5thsGtr2|Program    |U-G009     |
|FS Seagull Slaps/Slides |Program    |U-G010     |
|FS Seagull/Ibanez Double|Program    |U-G011     |
|FS Seagull/Ibanez Amped |Program    |U-G012     |
|FS Kay 5-String Banjo   |Program    |U-G013     |
|FS Ibanez El Bass SW2=Ch|Program    |U-G014     |
|FS Yamaha El Bass SW2=Ch|Program    |U-G015     |
|FS Yamaha Bass J-Station|Program    |U-G016     |
|FS Yamaha Bass Layered  |Program    |U-G017     |
|FS Yamaha Bass Noises   |Program    |U-G018     |
|FS Washburn Ac Bass DI  |Program    |U-G019     |
|FS Washburn Ac Bass JS  |Program    |U-G020     |

These samples are released under the GNU GPL License.. The source code being the sf2 files (of which contain the audio samples and settings). The samples and settings can be accessed within Viena and Translator Free on windows or Swami on linux. This license means that you can do what you like with them but if you create any samples from them or improve on them then you have to use the same license in your projects. This way it keeps it open source (and therefore free). This license is only concerned with the source code. Any music you create with them is nothing to do with me (i.e. you take all the royalties and use whatever license you like).

FYI: added RAR links 7/22/2013