Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sonatina Strings

This is a sample-set based on the public domain Sonatina Orchestra.  The strings were recorded in stereo so I brought the WAVs into the Kronos in stereo.  The .KSC is 86MB in size.  It includes sustain, staccato and pizzicato for 1st/2nd violin, viola (sustain and pizz only), cello and bass sections.  There is also a solo violin.

I created multisamples based on each of the articulations listed above.  In addition, I created some hybrid ensemble multisamples.  Ensemble1 consists of 1st violins and cellos.  Ensemble 2 includes 2nd violin, violas, and basses.  There are sustain, staccato and pizzicato versions of these ensemble multisamples.  This allows you to create larger sounding strings at the program level without the need to create a combi.

All the multisamples play within their normal lower limits.  This allows you to place, for example, violins and violas in the same osc without the issue of violins playing too low.

Download Sonatina-Strings

Here's a link to the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra:

Program Listing

Sonatina Ensemble 1     : Program U-G000              
Sonatina Ensemble Pizz  : Program U-G001               
Violins + Violas        : Program U-G002             
Violins + Violas + Celli: Program U-G003             
Sonatina Violins + Celli: Program U-G004             
1st + 2nd Violins Dyn   : Program U-G005            
1st + 2nd Violins       : Program U-G006
1st Violins             : Program U-G007
1st Violins Dyn         : Program U-G008            
1st Violins Stacc       : Program U-G009          
1st Violins Pizz        : Program U-G010 
2nd Violins             : Program U-G011           
2nd Violins Dyn         : Program U-G012 
2nd Violins Stacc       : Program U-G013        
2nd Violins Pizz        : Program U-G014          
Sonatina Solo Violin    : Program U-G015         
Violas                  : Program U-G016 
Violas Pizz             : Program U-G017
Cellos                  : Program U-G018          
Cello Dyn               : Program U-G019 
Cello Stacc             : Program U-G020         
Cello Pizz              : Program U-G021         
Basses                  : Program U-G022         
Basses Dyn              : Program U-G023 
Basses Stacc            : Program U-G024           
Basses Pizz             : Program U-G025


  1. Thank you very much for this resource! Your time and expertise are greatly appreciated!

  2. I have downloaded and played these sounds successfully. However, I do not know some Programs got the notes muted at C2 to B2. I'm using Kronos X 61 keys. Please let me know if the sample is only a demo. How do I get the full version of this Orchestra Sets? It's great, even more realistic than the Epic Strings from Yamaha Motif XF.