Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Wurlies, Rhodes and Acoustic Pianos

Here are some new EP-1 Wurlitzers/Rhodes and acoustic pianos.

Classic Wurly (val=trem) 
Wurly 200(sw1/2=trm/chr) 
Herbie Stereo-Vibrato 
Spring Rhodes (Fusion) 
Summer Rhodes 
Autumn Rhodes 
Winter Rhodes 
Warm German Grand 1 
Warm German Grand 2 
Warm Austrian Grand 
Warm Japanese Grand 
Debussy Steinway 

Demo - Classic Wurly

All the new APs are designed for more classical, jazz, ballads, etc. type playing. With the “Debussy Steinway” I was going after a piano sound similar to a new Baldwin Grand that I played often in a music store where I worked in my youth. With its new hammer felts it had a full, fat tone--a far cry from the clanging sound many pianos develop with use.

Demo - Warm Grands: Japanese, Austrian, German

Demo - Debussy Steinway

Link to PCG 

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  1. Hi, I’m very interested in those pianos for the Kronos. Is it possible to make a new link to the file? I’d be very grateful. Please send the link to this address : marmus@globetrotter.net
    Hoping to have an answer from you,