Saturday, March 23, 2013

Reeds, Tapes and Transistors

Reeds, Tapes and Transistors is a sampleset of vintage keyboard instruments.  Two of these, the CP-80 and RMI piano, have previously been posted.  I included them so as to condense these smaller libraries into a single somewhat larger library of related instruments.

The CP-80, Wurlitzer and Pianet T come from Greg Sullivan's excellent public domain GigaSampler libraries.  The Tony programs were done by BillW.

The ten new Mellotron samples are from taijiguy.  Each note is sampled and held until the tape loop stops.  More info can be found here.

Included samples: Cp-80, Wurlitzer 200, Pianet T, RMI ElectraPiano, Mellotron 300 & 400, Vox Continental and Farfisa Mini Compact.  The last three organ programs using Korg internal samples

CP-80 2                 : Program U-G001             
CP-80 Tony 1            : Program U-G002              
CP-80 Tony 2 Lwr Vel    : Program U-G003              
CP-80 3                 : Program U-G004              
Supertramp Wurlitzer    : Program U-G005              
Wurlitzer EP200         : Program U-G006             
Pianet T                : Program U-G007             
RMI Electrapiano        : Program U-G008             
StringSection           : Program U-G009              
MKII Violins            : Program U-G010              
Cello                   : Program U-G011              
M300A                   : Program U-G012              
M300B                   : Program U-G013               
MkII Flute              : Program U-G014              
Woodwinds               : Program U-G015              
Choir                   : Program U-G016              
MkII Brass              : Program U-G017                
GC3 Brass               : Program U-G018               
Vox Organ(mixfaders 1+2): Program U-G019               
Ray Manzarek            : Program U-G020              
Farfisa ALL Stops +Boost: Program U-G021              
Farfisa SW2=XX000 XXX0  : Program U-G022              
Farfisa SW2=XXX0 XXXX   : Program U-G023               
Vox E.Organ 1           : Program U-G024             
Vox E.Organ 2           : Program U-G025              
Vox Organ Perc          : Program U-G026

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  1. How can I load only a part of theses patches?

  2. Little demo of the Supertramp Wurlitzer patch with Dreamer, Hide in your shell, Logical song & Goodbye stranger.

  3. Thanks for the demo. It sounds great.

  4. Le lien de téléchargement via dropbox n'existe pas ???