Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Brass and Wind Programs

Below find about 30 brass/wind programs I created. They are designed to allow you to play flowing, fast legato if you choose, passages. They are monophonic and commonly use mono legato (mode:use legato offset). The first 31 are mine. Those labeled EXs3 at the end are Korg programs that I felt have a similar approach. 

Some of the sax, trombones and a few others use a special pitch bend. I borrowed this from the PedalSteel Prebend Gtr program. Normal pitch bend forces you to let up on a note if you don’t want it to bend. With brass/wind programs you often need to hold a note and then bend into the next note, which is how this works. Notes that are held do not bend, but if you do a pitch bend the next note will bend. I feel it works especially well with the Body Heat Ballad Alto. 

By default these will load into User-G but you might find space on User-A and include these with the other EXs3 programs.

These programs require that the entire EXs3 be loaded. If you're loading the standard PRELOAD.KSC it's missing a lot of the full EXs3 samples. 

Full Trumpet :Kb        : Program U-G000 
Miles Trumpet :Kb       : Program U-G001 
Cornet :Kb              : Program U-G002 
Flugelhorn :Kb          : Program U-G003 
Fanfare Trumpets :Kb    : Program U-G004 
Piccolo Trumpet :Kb     : Program U-G005 
Trombone mp :Kb         : Program U-G006 
Trombone mf :Kb         : Program U-G007 
Tuba :Kb                : Program U-G008 
ContrabTuba :Kb         : Program U-G009 
Oboe 2 :Kb              : Program U-G010 
Oboe 3 SW1=Vib/SW2=Stac : Program U-G011 
Lgt Oboe "K"Atk :Kb     : Program U-G012 
Lgt Oboe 3 "T"Atk :Kb   : Program U-G013 
English Horn 2 :Kb      : Program U-G014 
Clarinet 2 SW2=sfz :Kb  : Program U-G015 
JazzClarinet SW2=sfz :Kb: Program U-G016 
Clarinet 3 :Kb          : Program U-G017 
Bassoon :Kb             : Program U-G018 
Vibrato Bassoon :Kb     : Program U-G019 
ContraBassoon :Kb       : Program U-G020 
Soft Flute 2 "D" Atk :Kb: Program U-G021 
Tull Flute :Kb          : Program U-G022 
Tull Flute K Atk :Kb    : Program U-G023 
Tull Flute (SW2=uni/16v): Program U-G024 
WS Sop Sax :Kb          : Program U-G025 
Body Heat Ballad Alto   : Program U-G026 
Tenor Sax 2 :Kb         : Program U-G027 
Stan Getz Ballad Tenor  : Program U-G028 
Bari Sax :Kb            : Program U-G029 
Bari Sax 2 :Kb          : Program U-G030 
Dyna F.Horn RibbExp EXs3: Program U-G031 
St Open FrenchHorns EXs3: Program U-G032 
St Open F.Horns 2   EXs3: Program U-G033 
St Dyna FrenchHorns EXs3: Program U-G034 
Bass Clarinet Vib EXs3  : Program U-G035 
Velo Vib Trombone   EXs3: Program U-G036 
Walking Tuba        EXs3: Program U-G037 

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