Saturday, October 8, 2011

Brass-Winds (Breath Controller)

Below find a number of brass/wind programs which are designed to use breath controller for expression.  If you do not have a breath controller, use the keyboard version of these programs which can be found in a different post.

They require that all of EXi3 be loaded (only a portion of the EXi is loaded by default).

They also require that your breath controller is set to transmit CC#02, which is standard.  The MIDI Solutions device allows you to change what is transmitted.

The majority of the programs are monophonic and suitable for solo lines (you, of course, can make a small edit and change these to polyphonic if you'd like).  At the end, you'll find some polyphonic variations which you can use to make brass/wind ensemble combis.

Brass-Winds Breath Controller version

Full Trumpet :BC        : Program U-G000 
Miles Trumpet :BC       : Program U-G001 
Cornet :BC              : Program U-G002 
Flugelhorn :BC          : Program U-G003 
Fanfare Trumpets :BC    : Program U-G004 
Piccolo Trumpet :BC     : Program U-G005 
Trombone mp :BC         : Program U-G006 
Trombone mf :BC         : Program U-G007 
Tuba :BC                : Program U-G008 
ContrabTuba :BC         : Program U-G009 
Oboe 2 :BC              : Program U-G010 
Oboe 3 SW1=Vib/SW2=Stac : Program U-G011 
Woody Alto Sax 2 BC     : Program U-G012 
English Horn 2 :Kb      : Program U-G013 
Clarinet 2 SW2=sfz :BC  : Program U-G014 
JazzClarinet SW2=sfz :BC: Program U-G015 
Clarinet 3 :BC          : Program U-G016 
WS Sop Sax :BC          : Program U-G017 
Body Heat Ballad Alto BC: Program U-G018 
Mute Trumpet            : Program U-G019 
Soft Flute 2 "D" Atk :BC: Program U-G020 
Tull Flute :BC          : Program U-G021 
Tull Flute K Atk :BC    : Program U-G022 
Tull Flute (SW2=uni/16v): Program U-G023 
Stan Getz Ballad Ten BC : Program U-G024 
Alto Sax (poly) BC      : Program U-G025 
Bari Sax (poly) BC      : Program U-G026 
Sop Sax (poly) BC       : Program U-G027 
Poly Trumpet BC         : Program U-G028 
Poly Trombone BC        : Program U-G029


  1. How can I make them work in sequencer mode? Seems that within sequencer mode the breath controller gets disabled. Midi Setup?

  2. I'd like to download "Brass-Winds Breath Controller" programs you posted. The link does not seem to work. Please let me know how to get your programs. Thanks.