Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rhodes, B3 and Clav Programs

Several are hybrid Mark I (lower half) Mark II (upper half) that get around the hard bell of the Mark I in the upper register. There is one labeled Mark I (adjustable bell) which allows you to adjust the amount of bell on the notes C5 - D#5. To do so, go into EX1->OSCILLATOR and play with the ATTACK BRIGHTNESS parameter. Default is +2.0db with an intensity of +11db. So the difference/delta between the normal bell is 9db. To give the area between C5 - D#5 more or less bell relative to the rest of the piano, increase or decrease the +2.0db setting. To increase/decrease the overall attack brightness, adjust the +11db setting.

On all, I believe SW1 turns on Stereo Vibrato with Knobs 5 & 6 controlling speed and intensity. Knob 7 to the right should give you phaser/chorus and to the left delay. 

A new B3 program really aimed at a traditional B3 sound. I'm not a big fan of the internal distortion within the CX-3 (a bit too Jon Lord for my taste) so that's been eliminated. Slide on the Ribbon for Fast/Slow on the Leslie. 

These were done using STR-1. You should find a high level of playability with these. They are more of a Stevie Wonder clavinet, IMO. 

All use the VALUE SLIDER for Muting. Don't think you have to have it full on or off. Sometimes a little muting is cool. SW1 turns on Auto-Wah. 

The one called Funk Clav allows you to use the vector joystick to move between pickup settings.

Mark I+II               : Program U-G000 
Mark I (adjustable bell): Program U-G001 
Another Mark I          : Program U-G002 
Mark I+                 : Program U-G003 
Mark I+II +             : Program U-G004 
Mark I+II (soft attack) : Program U-G005 
J.Lorber MarkV EP MOD   : Program U-G006 
Mark II                 : Program U-G007 
Jazz B3 (Ribbon Leslie) : Program U-G008 
FunK Clav (Val=Mute,SW1): Program U-G009 
FunK Clav AC            : Program U-G010 
FunK Clav BC            : Program U-G011 
FunK Clav AD            : Program U-G012 
FunK Clav BD            : Program U-G013 
F.McComb Mark I EP Kn7  : Program U-G014 
What'd I Say            : Program U-G015 

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